Shots and musings from San Diego based photographer, David Phillipich

Chris Alvanas’ Affirmation

Over the course of the past month and change, Chris Alvanas, the Director of Photography at the Georgetown campus of BU-CDIA, has been working with a team of students and instructors to create “Affirmation,” a short film shot entirely with the new Nikon D3S.  If there are any extremely wealthy blog followers out there who haven’t bought a Christmas or birthday present for me in the past 15 years – go ahead and ship one my way.  What a camera!

It was great to be “on set” collaborating with the cast and crew; choosing lighting set-ups, shot types, scouting locations…very cool and a relatively new experience for nearly everyone involved.  My buddy Erik and I did our best with the lighting (looking forward to my “grip” credit) but again, it really was a concentrated, collective effort.  The “premier” screening will be taking place this Friday, July 23, at CDIA in Georgetown.  I’ll be sure to post the link as soon as the film is available to view online.  These things take time, people!

The following are a few stills from the set.

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