Shots and musings from San Diego based photographer, David Phillipich

Black and White

Not Always Puppy Dogs and Ice Cream…

Naturally, guy was all smiles.  Beer in one hand, cigarette in the other.  America.


Italy Redux – i Bianconeri

I would make a terrible photo editor.  “Yes, I know you sent me these almost two weeks ago but I still haven’t decided what I like.  Maybe tomorrow.”

As a photographer, life is good any time you’re someplace different, someplace new.  Italy brings it to a whole new level.  It’s like being someplace different, someplace new and someplace with Tagliatelle!  Three years ago my family took a trip over to visit my little brother, who was just finishing his “studies” in Florence and putting down two or three pizzas a day.  I want pizza.

Armed with my trusty Canon point-and-shoot, I walked through the piazzas, past the palazzos, over the ponti and stopped at pizza places.  I realized how much I loved taking pictures, and it was something I wanted to do well.  Some people feel that way about jogging or personal finances.  Yeah, no.  I caught the photo bug.  There’s just something badass about seeing something, then having it documented, remembered, even relived.  I had no visions of grandeur, no desire to be better than Bresson or Smith or Koudelka or Salgado, didn’t even know who they were.   But those Italian people with their perfect little side streets made me want to take better pictures.  A few weeks ago I was right back in the same place that I started out.

I’ve been fighting with these photos for days.  “Do I post a photo essay on the Market?  Should I make one about the water taxi’s in Venice?  Gondola’s are cliché.   Bicylcles.  What about when the Pope speaks?   Maybe I should just separate it by family and not family.  Meatsauce.  Things that I like and then things that everyone else might like.  Penne all’arrabbiata!  I loved this photo yesterday, why do I want to slay it with a thousand swords today?”  Typical.

So I’m going to shut up now and show you some photos because I’m not Bresson or Salgado.  To the place that made me want to be a photographer…good to see you again.  Color’s up next, but for now: Italy Redux – the Black and Whites.

Cherry Blossomish

I created this post about three weeks ago but never published it.   No better day than today.

(Brandy) Manhattan, Please…

I’d like to thank Jeff Hutchens for allowing me to tag along with him up to NYC last week on a multi-day shoot.  The two blown tires may have slowed us down (boom), but we got there late Monday night and were shooting throughout the week.  In addition to being a highly accomplished documentary photographer, Jeff specializes in stylized reportage portraits and most recently, documentary HD video.  I learned a great deal by watching him work and from our car-ride and over-coffee conversations.  I’d bounce his light any day.

My trip wouldn’t have been possible without my good friends, Kristin Larson and Stacy Federer, who found time and space for me in their busy work-week schedules.  Lots of wine, good food and trips down memory lane…I couldn’t be more thankful to you both.

In the space between, I got to know New York City.  The last splash of brandy and vermouth went down easy and I stepped back out into the cold and lit a cigarette, watching the smoke disappear into the night air.  I walked her streets, rode her trains, ate her food and have had trouble sleeping ever since.  I can’t seem to get her out of my mind…I’m crushing on NYC.

DC Thundersnow 2011

Last week we had some shitty weather here in capital city.  Yeah, I said it.  It gets compounded here in DC because traffic is so bad to begin with; many drivers are from other states and countries and the three plows we have take their time getting around.

I had some fun on facebook with my trip updates – here’s the first one trying to get out of Georgetown at 4:30.

Needless to say, it was an exercise in patience.  Final tally was about 3 hours, 6.4 miles.  Luckily I had my camera to keep me occupied on the streets and highways turned parking lots.

Just Walkin’ About

CDIA had what is now known as a “Photo Walkabout” this past Saturday.  Premise is simple: meet at the school, pick a random intersection somewhere in DC, go to said intersection and roam around a two block radius for a couple hours and see what happens.  I like to refer to it as “walking until something’s interesting.”  I found the following things interesting.  Those who know me know I love black and white, which explains why these are in black and white.  So without further ado, black and white interestingness.

Personal Shots at a Professional Event

I’ve been shooting more events lately, which is basically, “Ok, looking right here”  *flash*  “great, thank you…”

At a recent black tie, I was able to do a little “me” work while the guests were having dinner.  They’re very particular about not poppin’ shots while they’re poppin’ skrimps.  Then, they danced.