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Arrivederci Roma…

…it’s time for us to part.



Simply stated, there is no other place in the world like Venice.  We only spent a day in the “City of Water” but Venice and the weather made it count.  This city is so photogenic, it knows it.  The entire afternoon, I could almost hear whispers coming from the shadows, “psst…now look over there and wait for the light to move,” only the whispers were in Italian so for all I know they were saying, “pssst…aren’t you surprised by all the hot dogs here?  Me too!”

My favorite shot in this post is the affectionately titled, “Gondola Guy in Hallway Place” which you’ll see toward the end, and it’s my favorite because when I walked by that archway I could feel the city grin back at me, like it knew all along that I’d eventually find it.  I was only there shooting for about 10 minutes when Gondola Guy walked out, turned around and walked back in.  Gotcha.

A chronological glimpse at one day in Venice…

Italy Redux – the Colors of Florence

As much as I love black and white photography, sometimes there are images and more specifically, places, that beg to be shown in all their vivid glory.  Italy is one of these places.  So much fun light.

I’m splitting up these color posts into the cities we visited; Florence, Venice and Rome.  A majority of our time was spent in Florence, so those are the photos you will see here.  Be sure to check back because though the Venice/Rome shots are hot.  Molto Caldo!

To my family, do not be discouraged.  I will put a post together featuring your beautiful mugs in the days to come.

A taste of Florence…

Mercato Centrale

Nestled in the side streets of Florence lies one of the most incredible food stuff spots in the world, at least according to me, but I’ve basically been exposed to Cub Foods and Harris Teeters.  Trust me though, it’s amazing.  A result of the risanamento or restructuring of Florence late in the 19th century (thank you Wikipedia), Mercato Centrale is exactly what it sounds like, Florence’s Central Market (you’re welcome for the translation).

Packed full of fresh fruit, vegetables, meats, pastas, sauces, sandwiches, cheeses, spices, coffees, wines, oils, balsamic deliciousness, etc., you can find just about anything to make some stellar homemade local fare.

Italy Redux – i Bianconeri

I would make a terrible photo editor.  “Yes, I know you sent me these almost two weeks ago but I still haven’t decided what I like.  Maybe tomorrow.”

As a photographer, life is good any time you’re someplace different, someplace new.  Italy brings it to a whole new level.  It’s like being someplace different, someplace new and someplace with Tagliatelle!  Three years ago my family took a trip over to visit my little brother, who was just finishing his “studies” in Florence and putting down two or three pizzas a day.  I want pizza.

Armed with my trusty Canon point-and-shoot, I walked through the piazzas, past the palazzos, over the ponti and stopped at pizza places.  I realized how much I loved taking pictures, and it was something I wanted to do well.  Some people feel that way about jogging or personal finances.  Yeah, no.  I caught the photo bug.  There’s just something badass about seeing something, then having it documented, remembered, even relived.  I had no visions of grandeur, no desire to be better than Bresson or Smith or Koudelka or Salgado, didn’t even know who they were.   But those Italian people with their perfect little side streets made me want to take better pictures.  A few weeks ago I was right back in the same place that I started out.

I’ve been fighting with these photos for days.  “Do I post a photo essay on the Market?  Should I make one about the water taxi’s in Venice?  Gondola’s are cliché.   Bicylcles.  What about when the Pope speaks?   Maybe I should just separate it by family and not family.  Meatsauce.  Things that I like and then things that everyone else might like.  Penne all’arrabbiata!  I loved this photo yesterday, why do I want to slay it with a thousand swords today?”  Typical.

So I’m going to shut up now and show you some photos because I’m not Bresson or Salgado.  To the place that made me want to be a photographer…good to see you again.  Color’s up next, but for now: Italy Redux – the Black and Whites.

Il Nostro Appartamento A Firenze

The first is a panorama of our view from the apartment/condo that we’re staying in for the next several days.  Click on the picture, then click on it again to make it full-size…and then straight duomo shot!  Ciao.

Jack’s Boathouse

Life is good at Jack’s Boathouse in Georgetown.  My buddy John and I thought we’d pay a visit to our favorite kayaking joint and it’s owner, Paul Simkin.  Paul’s an instructor at CDIA, but in his spare time he runs one of the most popular summer spots in town.  Wish there were more afternoons like this one.  (My apologies to JP for basically stealing his shot.)

Get more info on Jack’s Boathouse here

Off on a bit of an adventure today…should be molto bene.